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Who are we?

Take Charge ECO Ltd are passionate and excited about the transition to a network of clean, efficient transport and renewable energy. 

Not only do we see electric vehicles as better for the environment and the air we all breath, we also believe the other benefits of driving electric, such as lower running costs, less maintenance and a more comfortable driving experience, are also very important. 

Take Charge ECO Ltd specializes in the installation and maintenance of domestic and commercial EV chargers. We are manufacturer independent and have supply partnerships with all the leading charger manufacturers enabling us to install the charger that best meets your needs.


Why Choose Us?

Accelerating the Shift to Zero Emission Vehicles for a scalable future

The transition from internal combustion engines to low emission vehicles is happening at a rapid rate across the globe. As the greener and more cost-efficient alternative to fossil-fueled cars, EVs are undoubtedly the future of travel, and they will soon become a fixture of everyday life.

Suitable EV charging infrastructure means reliable charging abilities across the journey (departure point, en route and at the destination)

Transitioning your vehicle to EV will promote a zero-emissions UK as the government planes to introduction of a new road vehicle CO2 emissions regulatory regime in 2024

What Our Customers Think

Pam S
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Great company to deal with. Bridget is extremely helpful and friendly. The installation of my charger was not easy due to the distance betwen the supply and the drive way and the restrictive access to the electricity meter box however it was dealt with efficiently and with care. Paul, the installer, was very courteous and hard working.
Tom W
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I chose Take Charge because Bridget was the first person I could speak to as opposed to having to send an email and wait for a reply. She was able to answer all my questions and impressed me with her knowledge. I was aware that it was a small company but I took a chance on instinct. I was not disappointed in any way.
Carly B
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I was very happy with the swift installation of my Pod Point charging unit. The engineer was knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. Highly recommended
Lulu P
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I had spent a few days phoning around just to get information and understanding of the different chargers out there finally came across take charge. They made me feel confident about the job and I was not disappointed.

Meet The Team

Bridget Maendl

Director - Office

Eugene Okelue

Director Electrician

Kimberley Cosser

Marketing - Office

Paul Copeland


Paul Dimitrov


Rob Mortimer


Gerard Dhoorah