Why Go Electric?

As the government net zero plans get into full swing, it won’t be long until the Government puts even more pressure on businesses to switch to EVs.

Businesses are becoming more environmentally responsible, which is only set to increase over the next few years. Installing EV chargers will enhance your businesses green credentials showing physical evidence of your environmental awareness.

Drive traffic and new custom to your business

By installing destination charge points at your business, you can attract EV drivers looking to stop off and charge their vehicles as well as increasing their visit duration. Smartphone apps show nearby locations of EV charge points which will increase brand awareness, bringing more people to your business and creating customers

Generate revenue through selling electricity

You could generate additional revenue for your business by selling electricity to EV drivers. Businesses can retain a profit on what the EV driver pays to charge their vehicle.

Fleet savings & employee benefits

Businesses can reduce employee Benefit in Kind tax by up to 86% for company vehicles. (ask your accountant). Installing EV workplace charging is a cost-effective way to retain and support employees – Your employees could save up to £1000 a year in fuel costs

What take charge do


Take charge advise on all aspects of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment including:

  • Location
  • DNO requirements
  • Safety requirements
  • Electrical demand and characteristics
  • Earthing
  • Product specification
  • Charge rate specification
  • Payment and management systems

Project Management

Our project managers have experience managing large EV installation projects. We are committed to customer satisfaction and ensure all aspects of the installation process are managed to ensure the smooth running of the projects.

  • DNO applications
  • DNO works management
  • Planning applications
  • Electrical installation design and management
  • Groundworks management
  • EV Charging equipment procurement
  • Payment/management system procurement


We are a specialist EV Charging installation company, certified by leading EV charger product manufacturers. Our resources and experience mean we are able to offer installations to the very highest standards. All of our installations are carried out by our installers qualified for the installation of EV charging equipment. Our installation services include:

  • Electrical installation works
  • Cable trenching
  • Earthing solutions
  • Charger mounting groundworks
  • Signage installation &
  • Line marking
  • Protective barriers/bollards
  • Inspection, testing, commissioning, certification

Our Commercial Charging Options

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